Leiticia Pestova
(Fire-breathing Barbie)

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Blue Lotus by Pestova (LOVE)
Blue Lotus by Pestova (Health)
Blue Lotus by Pestova (COMING JANUARY, 2023)

High quality, organic, cruelty-free herbal & essential oil infusions for health and wealth.

Vitamins, enzymes, and aromatic volatile oils are drawn out by hot infusions. The best ingredients for hot infusions are flowers, leaves, and aromatic roots. 

Herbs that are nutrient-rich give another dimension to your everyday routine and help your entire health in concert.  The richer the tastes of some herbs, the longer they are steeped. Various steeping intervals for particular herbs also yield varied nutritional advantages because longer steeping times tend to draw out more minerals.

We only use the finest herbs and essential oils available.