Leiticia Pestova
 Live, Love, Laugh.                          
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Leiticia with John Jay
Leiticia with Alice Cooper
About Leiticia Pestova
Leiticia Pestova is an classical musician, athlete, and model. She started playing classical piano and violin at age 3, and then began competing professionally in the Music in the Mountains Scholarship Competition at age 12: placing 6 years in a row. At age 10, she found a love for mixed martial arts, sword fighting and fencing, as well as acting, appearing in the TV series, "The Adventures of Master Luke" in 1992.

In 1999, she started fighting in women's mma, winning her first 11 amateur fights and then getting her first pro-bought against Muay Thai champion Gina Carano in Las Vegas. When she was not fighting, she was touring with her classical-crossover band CJA and has performed on America's Got Talent, ESPN Monster Trucks, NCAA Men's Basketball, Coors Lightworld Finals, and The Next Great American Band. She currently has three albums out with her band and also has written several music books for the intermediate pianist. 

Charity is a huge part of Leiticia's daily life and she has worked with countless organizations including Sunshine Acres,  Alice Cooper's Solid Rock, Young Ones United, Debbie Gaby Foundation, Rotten Rottie Rescue, and Phoenix Children's Hospital. 

She has starred in "Undefeated" and also "The Shadowrealm."  

She is an HTC VIVE girl, and spokesperson for Fit Tea. 

She is currently working with Joanne Jolee on her song "Bird of Paradise," and the sold-out performance on October 21st, for the corporate entertainer. Click to hear the song that will be featured at the highly-anticipated concert (LINK). 

Leiticia with Tara Hitchcock
Leiticia with Arie Lyendyk
Leiticia with Miss Arizona
Leiticia with Debbie Gaby
Leiticia with Paul Tracy
Leiticia with Gardner Cole